Mr. Kitt

Bay Area Artist & DJ.


Member of the Irie Cartel and Resident DJ / Co-Operator of Ritual Dubstep in San Francisco & L.A., Mr.Kitt has been Rocking crowds the past few years. Born into a British family from Gloucestershire,the first generation American has been influenced by his British cousins and friends who introduced him to early British Electro,2-Step, Garage, Grime & Dubstep. While spending most of his youthcanvassing the west coast as a predominant graffiti artist, Mr.Kitt was drawn to the dark, ominous sounds of bass, inspiring him to put down the spray paint and pick up the tables after an encounter withthe law.


A self-proclaimed Bass fiend, Mr.Kitt prides himself on making each show unique. He often looks like a DJ Priest performing an exorcism on a crowd; causing them to convulse uncontrollably as he delivers deadly drops aimed to please men and women alike. His cohesive sets take you on a journey of melodic breathers, bassgasms,and near aneurisms. Feeding off of positive energy and raw emotion,Mr.Kitt’s ability to read crowds and deliver the freshest sounding dubs has gained him the love of crowds all along the west coast. Plugin, let go. You won’t be disappointed.



Filthy Dubstep Mix


Live @ The Loft

Dirty Dubstep Mix (Absolutly Filthy)


 Cyber Foxes

 Filthy & Roxy Fox



Awesome Female Vocal Chillstep / Dubstep Mix

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